Buy Convum Vacuum Cups, Ejectors and Pressure Sensors that are Perfect for Your Specific Needs

Vacuum Technology plays a critical role in research and development in many fields such as chemistry, biology and physics to name a few. Vacuum is commonly used in many industrial processes.
Convum Vacuum Products play a major role in thousands of manufacturing facilities and industrial processes all over the world. DAS Services, Inc. specializes in various vacuum components and equipment which are widely used in those industries such as new energy, steel, tunnel, glass, aviation, electronic components, automobile, packing, printing, foods and cosmetic. DAS Services, Inc. understands customer requirements and needs and offer a wide range of Convum Vacuum Cups, Convum Pressure Sensors and Convum Vacuum Ejectors that come in different shapes, sizes, materials and configurations to fit customer's specialized needs. Our wide range of Convum Vacuum Cups will allow you to get the right type of solution for your intended usage. Convum cups are manufactured to the highest standards and benchmarks because we understand the fact that quality always matters. Vacuum switches ensure the safe operation of a vacuum circuit. With the electronic design, the existing vacuum is measured via sensor and issues an analog or digital switching signal. Vacuum cups come in round, rectangular or oval shapes and are available in variety of sizes and materials. The sizes and types perfectly fit any type of vacuum equipment used for lifting, manipulating or pick-and-place applications. Convum Vacuum Ejectors can be utilized in a number of applications. Each ejector is designed individually allowing adjustment in the field so customers can achieve whatever they need from the vacuum ejector being used. Convum Vacuum Ejectors function according to the venturi principle which means they are driven pneumatically and have a much simpler and user friendly design in comparison to other generators. Convum Pressure Sensors are used in a wide range of applications, e.g. handling technology and process engineering, industrial research, as well as countless precision processes in other industries. DAS Services, Inc. proudly represents over 100,000 pneumatic products. Creating a niche with brand new ideas, futuristic designs, and amazing customer support. These are DAS Services, Inc.’s most notable qualities from the smallest one man operations to the largest technological companies in the world. At DAS Services, Inc. You can easily find products manufactured by Convum, Crouzet, Polyconn, Pisco, Miljoco, Vessel, Koganei, DMfit, Humphrey and Pneumadyne. If you are unable to any product on our website, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at or call us at 888-293-6757. For more information visit online:                                                      

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