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Ducted Vacuum Supplies and Central Vacuum Systems Supplier Melbourne

Struggling through your household cleaning? Looking for a fast, reliable and effective way to clean your home or workplace? The most important thing is keeping your home or work place very clean. Dust is the main reason for many kinds of allergies. With the discovery of vacuum cleaners, you can clean floors, carpets and many more. Portable Vacuuming is on everyone’s list of least preferred household tasks with a heavy unit to pull, push or drag up stairways, and electrical cords to keep tripping over.

To save your time and money Ducted Vacuum (Central vacuum) system are designed to make it even easier to achieve the clean home or workplace you desire which provides a new level of cleaning. Ducted vacuum systems are generally much more powerful than portable vacuums. Central Vacuum Systems in Melbourne offers home owners a quiet and discreet alternative to a standard vacuum cleaner. At Ozdem you can find a variety of central vacuum systems. Central Vacuum Systems are designed so that they have a large central unit with larger capacity dust bag than traditional. As the filter is placed outside, you can enjoy a quieter cleaning process. It is also good for vacuuming when people are sleeping at home.

Ducted Vacuum Supplies in Melbourne offers a great range of benefits to installing a ducted vacuum into your new home. Ducted Vacuums exhaust air is vented outside your living area. It creates a healthy atmosphere which helps to control asthma, high fever light. It increases the value of your home and dramatically decreasing the amount of dust present. Generally, while the house is being built, installation occurs. But with latest technologies it is also possible to install ducted systems into the existing house. A ducted system is built to last and can provide years of good use. Oz-Dem with 20 years of industrial experience can provide the solution for all your electrical and security needs for today’s smart home. Through these experiences we have the latest in a diversified range of products which suit all your needs.

Oz-Dem, Ducted Vacuum Supplier in Melbourne is also Suppliers of audio-video intercoms, cabling, CCTV surveillance, circuit protection, electrical accessories, home automation, industrial plugs, sockets, lighting, security system, weather proof, conduit and fittings. Our branches in Australia, China and Turkey can quote, source and supply all of your requirements for your next project. We are always thinking of you in order to satisfy all your needs. People will experience the superior cleaning of your home and workplace.


Produce Economical Bio Fuel From Briquette Press Machine

Fossil fuels like petroleum, lignite, coal are very expensive and polluting environment while bio fuel is economical and eco friendly than them. Bio fuel can produce by various methods but if you produced bio fuel from briquette machine is quite economical and keeps environment pollution free from greenhouse effect and other co2 emissions.

The financial costs of biomass briquetting are very dependent upon the nature of the project, in particular upon the raw material and its quality and also plant location. Quality based raw materials like groundnut shells, almond shells, cotton flower, jute waste, wheat husk, forestry leaves etc.. are used in briquette making process. All these wasted materials are put into briquette press machine to get bio fuel without adding any output source or chemical. So it is known as binder less pollution free technology.

After the end of the process we can get bio fuel which is very useful in industries as well as home. Bio fuels are made from agriculture waste or forestry waste that’s why they are available in the market at low price. Waste material can be reuse and produced biomass briquette through briquetting plant project so this project is renewable green project which has lot of benefit for environment and us.

In the industrial marketplace different types of biomass briquetting press are available to satisfied need of human being. Jumbo 90 briquetting press and super 70 briquetting press are key products to make briquettes from devastate materials. Both have supreme quality and high production capacity to make best from waste.

Farmers can earn money from selling their own farm waste and in rural area; this plant is sufficient where electricity is not available. Biomass briquette is the most reliable fuel in today’s economy. Biomass briquettes are used in many industries for different purposes. Every industry is using this economical bio fuel because it’s really very helpful for us.

Government offers various incentives on purchasing of briquetting plant because they find this is the best plant to make bio fuel from agriculture or forestry waste. Other financial banks give loans on this future making plant. So it becomes very economical plant to produce green energy and heat. Many countries are using briquetting plants to take advantages of this plant.

Biomass briquetting plant is really green light project and very cost effective to produce biomass energy and bio fuel. Use this economical plant and make our country’s economy stronger.

Use Briquette Press for Recycling Biomass

Recycling biomass trash and turn into biomass briquette is become the trend of industry. The process of briquette making is simple and convenient through briquette press machine which you can purchase with reasonable price in the industrial market. Different types of briquette presses are available to recycling biomass or other forestry waste.

If you have abundant quantity of biomass trash and you want to recycle this waste then briquette press is the best option to recycle devastates materials. Biomass or other agriculture waste like jute waste, groundnut shells, almond shells, coffee husk, tea husk, bagasse, coconut leaves, forestry leaves, rice husk etc… are used in briquette making process. Before invented this machine this type of waste are either destroyed or burnt inefficiently which could pollute environment. To overcome this problem biomass briquette plant is invented.

Indian technology finds best way to make briquettes which is briquetting plant technology. Biomass and agro forestry waste are gathered and fed into biomass briquette press to make bio fuel. If size of raw material is small then it can directly fed into briquette press machine and if size is large then cutting and drying process is required. After the complete process, we can get bio fuel briquettes which are most valuable source of energy.

Biomass briquettes are used in various industries as well home for heating and cooking purposes. This project is recyclable and Eco friendly that’s why most of people are switching to this project for getting more and more benefits. Biomass briquette plant is specially manufactured by briquetting press machine manufacturers who have ability to make briquetting press machines as per client’s requirement with less effort. They have great knowledge and lot of equipment to make different types of briquette presses with high production capacity and consuming less electric power.

There is many other ways to recycling the biomass but use biomass briquette press to recycling trash material is valuable investment and great business for world’s future. Briquetting plant is highly growing project now a day due to its government incentives, Eco friendly and economical features, valuable investment and great aspects. Government gives subsidy on this plant to encourage this project globally and also gives tax exemption for first 5 years from purchasing this plant. After the whole process we can say that briquetting plant project is well utilized and sustainable source of energy through we can generate electricity and green environment.

Standard and Accurate Briquetting Machines

To make our life more convenient and better, Briquetting machine manufacturer produce many briquetting machines to meet the satisfactory of people. For example, Jumbo 90 briquetting machine and Super 70 briquetting machine which is widely used in the briquette industry. Biomass and other industrial residues are gathered and compressed under high pressure in the briquetting press machine and then generate efficient fuel briquettes.

There are different types of briquetting machines and other briquetting equipment including:

Jumbo 90 Briquetting Machine

Jumbo 90 briquetting machine is able to grind various types of raw materials like groundnut shells, cotton salk, bagasse, caster seed shells, rice husk, coffee husk and industrial waste or green waste into high energy concentrated fuel briquettes. Jumbo 90 briquette press has high production capacity with 1500kg/hr and consumes low electricity than any other briquette press. In this machine raw materials up to 25mm size can be used without grinding.  This machine works on world’s renowned binder less technology.

Super 70 Briquetting Machine

Super 70 briquetting machine is designed for medium scale industries. It can convert biomass or industrial waste into briquettes.  This machine has low production capacity with 750kg/hr.  It is best for the raw material up to 12mm size. Electricity cost is reduced by 35-40% and has high production capacity compare super 60 model.

If the raw material having size 25mm above then it needed to crush into crusher. Sometimes it is used in briquetting process. Both machines are technically innovative so it don’t require to constant supervision. Briquetting machine manufacturer are making these machinery with superior quality and affordable price. From this plant farmers can earn money by selling their own wastage. Briquetting Plant is become more popular because easy availability of raw material and also it is renewable source of energy.

The major inducements are:

  • Government gives exemption and also gives subsidy on purchasing this briquetting machine.
  • Total value of machines to be reduced in the first year.
  • 100% income tax exemption for first five years on this plant.
  • Many states have exempted briquettes from sales tax.

The output from briquetting machine is also known as white coal because it does not pollute environment. Biomass briquettes are used in various industries like brick kilns, laminate industry, textile industry, ceramic mills as well as home for heating and cooking. Biomass briquetting plant is completely biodegradable and economical plant of our better future.

How Does Briquette Plant Help Reduce Global Warming?

While most of us would like to think that we aren’t part of the problem, the fact remains that if you drive one of the many vehicles on the road, you’re contributing to global warming. The burning of gasoline and diesel fuel releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere—and that means every time you drive, you up the ante. To overcome this problem, briquetting plant manufacturers are invented briquetting plant.

Biomass is organic matter that is being used for energy purposes. As an energy sources, it refers to number of energy sources including waste from the agriculture and forest as well as tress, crops, other plant material and algae. All these type of waste materials are fed into briquette plant under high mechanical pressure to get bio fuel.

Briquetting plant is a plant that turns waste material into bio fuel which is ready substitute to bio coal and other fossil fuels. Bio fuel is also known as biomass briquette or white coal. Briquettes which is natural form of devastate material is as a key reason to preserve the nature and other undeveloped lands where agriculture waste or industrial waste is abundant.

The energy value of biomass materials is determined by its chemical composition, measured as joules of energy in 1 g of fuel (J/g). Biomass is best raw material for briquette press machine or briquetting plant. Briquette machines are able to grind biomass or other waste and after the process it converts into briquettes which are Eco friendly and economical.

To reduce global warming, use alternative fuels like bio fuel, bio diesel, bio energy etc… Decrease green house gas emissions with biomass briquette plant and make world’s economy more strong. This plant is cost effective and used to protect our mother nature, reduce global warming and gas emissions. The conversation of biomass to bio energy is convenient and predictable.

Bio energy has provided millions of households with incomes, livelihood activities and employment. Avoiding carbon emissions, environment protection, security of energy supply on a national level this plant is beneficial which is made by expert briquette plant manufacturers and their team. This is great invention from them which is reducing global warming.

Biomass briquetting plant contributes to all important elements of country or region development. Other benefits include support of traditional industries, rural diversification, rural depopulation mitigation, community empowerment, etc. Briquette plant is viewed as an non-commercial rural source or poor man’s fuel.

Can you give me a specific introduction of VSI sand making machine?

The construction of highway needs most parts of raw materials that are cement and small stone. However, the processing of cement and small stone will all need crushing machinery. So the crushing machinery is important part in the construction of high way. And the production line of crusher has a efficiency control on the quality and the production efficiency of product, this will have a great effect on the construction of highway.

We can help you make the right choice relying on your answers of the above questions .Each crusher has its application ,as we human beings have our own destiny. Knowing your requirements ,our engineer can make the best program for you .We wanna you invest the least money to reach your goal .And this is one of the principles of our Customer Satisfaction .To minimize your investment of crusher machine,we try to simplify the process of the crusher plant and choose the most durable crusher for your material. For example ,one of our customers want to make artificial sand ,his material is limestone .According to his situation ,PCX sand making machine is the best choice because it is relatively cheap .Imagine his raw material is cobblestone ,then PCX sand maker is not a wise choice .As we know ,the cobblestone is a relatively large hardness of stone,VSI sand making machine is better though it is a little bit expensive.With the increasing demands of construction aggregate, Hongxing impactor breaker, rock crushing plant has made an rapidly growth in technology, and has made great contribution to development of many mines in the world.

Hammer crusher is the main working parts of rotor with a hammer. Rotor shaft, disk, pin shaft, and a hammer. Motor drives the rotor in the crushing chamber at high speed, since the upper material feeding mouth to into the machine, high-speed movement a hammer blow, impact, shear, grinding and crushing. At the bottom of the rotor, a sieve plate, grinding materials, smaller than the screen hole size of the particles through the sieve plate, is greater than the screen hole size of coarse particle resistance continued to hit by the hammer on the sieve plate and grinding, until all the article through the sieve.

mobile quarry plant:

Biomass Briquetting Press

Briquetting Life is a continuous process of energy conversion and transformation. In India about 46% of total energy consumption is estimated to be met from various biomass resources such as green waste, animal dung, firewood, etc. India produces 350 million tons of agriculture waste per year. A huge quantity of agriculture residues can make our environment polluted. So the reason behind briquetting plant is to make our environment clean and green. The direct burning of agriculture residues in a domestic as well as industrial application is very efficient.

Biomass is a renewable source that can be obtained from organic material and other type of garbage. Different kind of biomass solution can be converted into renewable energy source by two processes and these are purifying and direct combustion. After the execution of these processes biomass can be used as alternative source of energy.

There are many leading manufacturers and supplier of briquetting machine and briquette press products. In the industrial market, there are two machines which most usable one is jumbo 90 briquetting press machine and another is super 70 briquetting press machine. They have high production capacity to make biomass briquettes from agriculture waste. Both machines are required less electricity to process on briquettes.

Briquetting machine manufacturers also supply a wide range of briquette machine for sale and other briquetting equipment with the high demand. The development and propagation of non conventional briquetting machine is directed towards skillfully meeting the thermal energy requirements. It brings down the waste of conservative energy sources to a significant level. Briquette press for sale can be easily being searched on internet as there are many manufacturers and exporters who sell this machinery and other briquetting equipment. India as well as china offers huge variety of briquetting machines. The cost may differ as per the quality and efficiency of the product.

Briquetting machines and systems are developed to significantly reduce the number of spend products such as metal, wood chips, paper, plastic material and so on. Briquette press can make high energy concentrated biomass briquettes from agro waste and industrial waste.  By using bio fuel briquettes technology instead of the fossil fuel material like coal, we can get a higher fattening value. This technology is increasingly being used in the developing world as alternative to charcoal. Briquetting plant thoroughly replaces the fossil fuel and pellet machine.

Now the main fuel for electricity generation in developed world is coal, but in recent times people aware of our environment and future. That’s why people try to think of some ways to replace it with biomass briquettes, and also as the technology has developed so many years, biomass briquetting plant can be easily be started at home. Now the briquetting machines can produce biomass briquettes out of almost any sort of dried biomass plant, with the equipment like BBQ ledge and stove, we can enjoy our life in a more clean and healthy way.


Briquetting Machine Manufacturers in India RadheIndCorp leading the Industry

Now turn your bio-residues into bio-fuel!! Make wealth from waste and save environment by revolutionary Briquetting Machine. Briquetting Machine is a pioneering approach to generate non conventional and renewable source of energy from the industrial, agriculture and forestry waste. Biomass Briquetting press machine is the preeminent tactic to produce green energy, to decrease greenhouse gas releases and to make surroundings unpolluted. Usage of this press machine can assist you to lessen the outcome of global warming rather than using non renewable fuel driven plants. Also the bio-fuel is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. Briquetting Machine Manufacturers offer 5 custom-made briquetting press machines termed as Jumbo 90, Super 70, Flash air dryer, Crusher/Cutter and Hammer mill.

Jumbo 90:

Jumbo 90 press machine is famous as the first launched Briquetting Machine India, made with best class parts confirm finest performance with bottommost functioning cost. As a notable advantage raw material up to size 0-25 mm can be used without crushing which protects power and labor expenditures. The press model is perfect suitable where production rate is higher.

Super 70:

The press model offered by one of leading briquetting machine manufacturers is the exact optimal for medium scale manufacture. Subsequently from 2 decades Radhe Industrial Corporation is holding a hand to deliver first rate Super 70 model in India. Raw material having size 10-12 mm can be used without chopping. The manufacturing cost is lessened by 35-40 % as compare to Super 60 biomass Briquetting Machine.

Flash Air Dryer:

The flash air dryer is used to dry chopped material with the size of 0-25 mm; similar to paddy straw, coir pith, bagasse, wheat straw, sawdust, jute which comprise moisture ranging from 30-35 %. The flash dryer can lessen the moisture up to 20 %. The ultimate material is used straight forward to produce biomass briquettes press blocks.


The cutter is usually used to crush the raw material of size ranging from 25-50 mm. Additionally crusher is required for straw type waste. Tree barks and cotton stalks are waste for which cutter is essential.

Hammer Mill:

The model chops the biomass excess into granular size. The waste with size of 0-100 mm range is provided for the conveyor. Once gathering powder form, it is straightly handed to the Briquetting Machine India.

Biomass is the most exceptional elective energy foundation to clean the environs by way of earning added returns. Biomass waste can be collected from varied sources like industry waste, rural waste like house holds, agro waste material and wood. Biomass briquetting machine is the environment friendly green alternative for reprocess or earn from agriculture, forestry or industrial waste by transforming raw material into resourceful and eco friendly solid bio fuel. Bio-Briquette blocks can be used in numerous manufacturing activities alike textile mills, rubber industry, spinning mills, ceramic units, paper mills, leather industry, chemical plants, bakery industry, dyeing house, brick kilns, vegetables plant, dryers and even more. Extract topmost quality blocks of bio-briquettes here at Radhe Industrial Corporation and swap biomass waste into an eco-friendly and efficient energy!

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Biomass Briquetting Press by Biomass Briquetting Machine Suppliers

Make effective replacement of bio-residues into green alternative Biomass Briquetting Press!! Increasing demand for cheap, efficient and renewable source of energy, we can see biomass briquettes replacing fossil fuels in the near upcoming. In recent past, briquetting of biomass waste has become substantial significance. Briquettes produced from Biomass surplus is the finest substitute to the conventional fossil fuels. Fuel produced from biomass is a renewable and sustainable source of energy. With a constant supply of agriculture and forestry waste biomass can be a renewable source of green energy. Compared to the solar and wind energy even being free source, bio-fuel is the low cost model to set up. The aim behind bio-fuel is to make wealth from waste.

For More Information:

With ever increasing energy demand, the use of biomass briquetting is considered as favorable alternative to meet the growing demand. Biomass blocks are derived from living organism. It can be easily available in many areas throughout the globe and also locally available. Bio-briquettes are also known as white coal in many industry areas. When non-conventional fuel burns creates carbon emissions and ash while biomass briquetting blocks are smoke free. Crops, industrial waste, forestry waste are the raw materials to manufacture Biomass Briquetting blocks. Biomass fuel consist of rice husk(paddy husk), cotton stalk, bagasse, mustered Shells, coconut shells, jira straw, wheat grass, groundnut shells, castor seed shells, soya husk, jute wastes, saw dust, bamboo dust and others.

Biomass briquetting press helps us to achieve green and renewable energy portfolio. So, biomass energy can be the most efficient strategy. Biomass Briquetting blocks can be used in various manufacturing industries like brick kilns, paper mills, textile mills, spinning mills, bakery industry, rubber industry, leather industry, dyeing house, vegetables plant, dryers, chemical plants, ceramic units and so more. Bio-fuel also encompasses three fundamental social, environmental and economical sustainability. Bio-fuel can be considered as the carbon neutral. So chances of pollution are totally exempted. Some more major advantages of Biomass Briquetting Press model are like saves worthy foreign exchange, pollution free, quick pay back, eco friendly, produces non-conventional energy, cost effective and highly profitable.

Use of biomass briquetting press machine can assist you to reduce effect of global warming rather than using fossil fuel powered plants. Radhe Industrial Corporation, one of leading Briquetting Machine Suppliers offers mainly 2 types of Biomass Briquetting Press named “JUMBO 90” and “SUPER 70”. The “JUMBO 90”is best for high production rate where as “SUPER 70” press machine is suitable for low production rate. Both biomass briquetting press models make use of binder less technology hence 100% chemical free. Briquetting machine suppliers also offer 100% depreciation for first five years. Government of India has declared many incentives for entrepreneurs involved in the business of green energy production. Also the product is free from sales tax and excise duty. So, now it’s even easier to set up a biomass briquetting press plant in your area. Radhe Industrial Corporation as one of the foremost Briquetting Machine Suppliers in India offers great approach to obtain bio-fuel through resourceful Briquetting Machine JUMBO-90 and SUPER-70.

Briquette Press Machine Manufacturers India leads for Briquette Machine

In today’s scenario, environmental and reutilize products are ultimatum due to green house effect and increase percentage in pollution worldwide. The entire world is dreadfully penetrating for ways to make healthier use of the earth’s natural properties. Briquette Press Machinery is a stable source for production of eco friendly products in form of fuel. Well, the industry for Briquette Machine sounds new in commercial area. It is an effective way to make money as well as play a vital role to protect world from pollution.

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Briquette Press is an inbuilt technology, in which all types of agriculture, forestry and industrial wastes convert into a cylindrical solid block by compress wastage material. Radhe Industrial Corporation is a pioneer in briquette press manufacturer based in India. A briquette product by Briquette Press Manufactures is a supernumerary to the wood which does not releases the smoke which is environment affected. Let’s look out for the reason and benefits behind Briquette Machine Industry.  As the requirement of effluence free atmosphere, the product has leaded the market and expands as it can be reuse in mining industry as a fuel in following field:

  • Furnace: Used in metal heating & melting process
  • Brick Kilns: An auxiliary of steam coal.
  • Boilers: Used as a boiler fuel in Oil Extraction Units, Paper Mills, Dyeing houses, lamination industries, Sugar Mills, Food Processing Units and many industries.
  • Housing & Commercial Heat: Used to provide heat in hotel, residence, canteens to protect from cold weather.

 Briquetting products work on the elementary perception of Wealth from Waste. Briquettes are formed in cylindrical woods using high mechanical pressure in a natural way without the use of any chemical or binder. Engineer’s at RadheIndCorp are expertise in the field of Briquette Press Machine India frontrunners to manufacture of best quality Briquette machines by rewarding customer’s fulfillment and superiority through cost effective Briquette models.  We delivered models through exact R & D, strict production quality and easy installation with excellent after sales & service. The product can be profitably used across various manufacturing facilities. Below mention some advantages of Briquette Press Machine India:

  • Eco friendly, reducing Green House Effect and cost effective production
  • Appropriate for any type of industries
  • Reliable and condense
  • Save time, worthy foreign exchange and money
  • Protect air and water pollution instigated due to industrial waste
  • Easy to grip, maintain and function
  • Excellence product made from quality raw material
  • Supported with full Govt. provision
  • Obtainable in altered sizes and shapes
  • Wide range of machines are available for particular industry

 Biomass Briquetting Product provides by well recognized Briquette Press Manufacturers, RadheIndCorp is one of the best ways to generate electricity or power in a domestic manner. If you are having any type of wastage material such as cotton Salk, bitternut shells, forest leaves, almond shells, cumin waste, groundnut shells or jute waste, just contact us we will guide you completely from installing a Briquette Plant to maintenance.   The finished product made from wastage material in Briquette Press Machine will less harmful compare to fossil fuel. So, don’t miss the chance to order Briquette Machine and do smart investment to increase your business.

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